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An ancient corner of the world,
a nest hidden between two lava slopes indifferent to the flowing of time,
ethereal in its nuances but vibrant with emotions, aromas and stories.

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The Winery

Tenuta di Fessina is an emotional project,
stemming from the love
of this land rich in contrasts.

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Nerello Mascalese has a tremendous personality .
It’s a natural-born leader

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“Wine is like poetry:
the more you learn about the poet’s life,
his works, his temper and grow familiar with
his upbringing, training and world,
the more you enjoy and understand it.”.

Mario Soldati, “Vino al vino”

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At first glance, Tenuta di Fessina may look like a golden fruit
garden or a small whispering wood of bright green tree crowns
ruffled by the nourishing wind blowing from the Mountain of Fire.